Advance Fixed-Wing Package
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Advanced Airplane Controls Package

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The Advanced Fixed-Wing Package includes the AV-B Flight Console: an excellent training tool for the beginning student pilot and the Rudder-Control Module (RCM) which is the most popular rudder pedal in the industry.

The AV-B is one of Flight Link’s most advanced Flight Consoles.  Designed to be used for complex, high performance single-engine as well as multi-engine training (when using the Twin Engine Power Quadrant), the AV-B is ideal for any sized flight training facility or pilots wanting to stay proficient.

The AV-B Flight Console’s control wheel is driven by a resistance control loading centering mechanism.  The same mechanism used in all Flight Link Flight Consoles.  A mechanical trim wheel is mounted to the right side of the panel allowing the pilot to finely adjust the aircraft’s pitch attitude.

The RCM uses industrial grade hydraulic cylinders which simulate accurate damping effect found while in flight.  The RCM offers over 6 inches of pedal deflection and features progressive differential toe brakes which increase the braking force on the aircraft relative to the depression of the toe brake(s).

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Product Description

Advanced Fixed Wing Package

Package Features:

AV-B Flight Console

  • Full-size aluminum control wheel with industrial finish
  • Cessna style throttle control
  • USB Plug and Play Interface
  • Heavy-gauge metal enclosure with industrial finish
  • Compatible with most simulation programs
  • Pitch and roll potentiometers are rated at two million plus revolutions
  • Will support any size monitor


  • Magnetos Switch
  • Starter Button
  • Master (ELEC., ALT., Avionics) rocker switches
  • Pitot heat rocker switch
  • Fuel pump rocker switch
  • Light (NAV, Land, Taxi, BCN) rocker switches
  • Four position (off, left, both, right) fuel selector
  • Cowl Flaps
  • Three system operation buttons

Rudder Control Module

  • Twin hydraulic cylinders assure smooth and realistic in-line travel
  • Low center of gravity for stability
  • Progressive differential braking (analog)
  • Heavy-gauge metal enclosure with quality industrial finish

Compatible Software

  • Flight Simulator 2004/FSX by Microsoft
  • X-Plane (all versions) by Laminar Research
  • Personal Simulator (all versions) by Elite
  • Pro Pilot (all versions) by Sierra
  • Ontop (all versions) by ASA
  • Micro-Flight 2 by Ilan Papiny
  • Fly!, Fly!2K and Fly! II by Terminal Reality
  • Flite Pro by Jeppesen
  • Flight Unlimited (all versions) by Looking Glass



Additional Information

Weight 76 lbs
Dimensions 30 x 24 x 12 in


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