Level 2 Airplane Simulator

The CAT II is a new breed of affordable Flight Training Devices (FTD) priced under $50,000 USD.  With a 4′ (wide) x 3′ (high) ,high definition, Out the Window (OTW) view, a worldwide navigational and terrain database, the CAT II can be used for ab-initio through full instrument training.The CAT II is available in a generic format or in the following type specific configuration: – Cessna 172 – Cessna 182 RG- Raytheon A36 Bonanza – Raytheon B58 Baron – Other configurations are available upon request.For more information about this product please contact us:

With completely controllable weather scenarios and functional cockpit systems, the CAT II is an ideal platform for Line Oriented Flight Training (LOFT).  The CAT II allows the pilot to conduct full startup, run-up, and shutdown procedures in addition to VFR and/or IFR flight operations.  The pilot can also practice standard procedures, fuel management, and emergency procedures.

For more information about this product please contact us: