EPICenter is a Windows based Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for configuring, editing, debugging, loading and managing your EPIC USB files. If you’ve ever used Borland C++ it should look very familiar.  EPICenter is included on the EPIC USB Installation CD-ROM provided with your EPIC USB interface card or you can download the latest version here.

Navigation thru EPICenter
The main window is a multi-document interface. You can edit multiple files at the same time, compile your project, edit your analogs, load your files into the EPIC, and debug them all from the same main screen.The Project Window has three entities (your project, your main EPL source file, and your JOY file). Double clicking on the EPL entity will bring up that file in a text editor; double-clicking on the JOY entity will bring up the Analog Settings Window.

The Debug window (View | Debug), will tell you more than you ever wanted to know about the innards of EPICenter and the compiler.

The Console window has replaced the old DOS screen. This window reports any errors while compiling or loading your EPL file.