Helicopter Simulator


R22 Flight Simulator

The Flight Link R22 Flight Simulator is a two place side-by-side seat, fixed base cockpit with dual controls (modeled after the Robinson R22) providing hands-on instruction for hovering, maneuvering as well as VFR/IFR training.With its small foot print the R22 Simulator can be installed in almost any area under any condition. The simulator can even be broken down so that it can move thru a standard door.Designed as an IFR simulator, this simulator exceeds the FAA standards for FTD Level 2 certification.

heloside3All the hardware and electronics are manufactured and designed by Flight Link, Inc. and are customized for this simulator. It utilizes commercial off the shelf (COTS) software that has been approved by the FAA. The flight and engine instrumentation are not mechanically driven. Rather, they are displayed on a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), which provides a more reliable and flexible solution. A panel masks the individual instruments and their respected knobs are placed in the correct position relative to that instrument.

The large Out the Window view (OTW) is provided by a high powered over head mounted projector capable of providing a sharp image in the brightest environments.

Moving Map, random and dynamic failures and weather are displayed on an articulating LCD monitor which is accessible to the
instructor from either the left seat or behind the simulator.

For more information about this product please contact us at info@flightlink.com