=========> Flight Link Control Center (v.4.x) REQUIRES Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 AND FSX SimConnect (SP2) <=========
This version [] adds new button flexibility (send keystrokes) for the AV/Sub Panel.

To start installation run "setup.exe."

Note: FCC v.4.x REQUIRES SimConnect to be installed on your PC; if you have Microsoft FSX on your system then SimConnect should already be installed.

If you don't have FSX on your PC, or do not want it [i.e. XPlane users], you will still need to install the SimConnect client software. SimConnect installer

should start automatically (if the FCC installer cannot locate SimConnect on your computer) -- in which case after SimConnect installs you will have to

 re-start FCC "setup.exe" to complete the FCC installation.

FOR XPLANE VERSION 9.2.x (this version of Control Center is not recommended for use with previous versions of XPlane):
From X-Plane click "Settings" and "Data Input & Output" then click on the “Data Set” tab.
Select the "Internet via UDP" bubble (left most bubble) for the following item: "00 frame rate."
Close “Data Input & Output.”
Next click the “Settings” and open “Net Connections” then click on the "Inet 3" tab. Select the "IP of data receiver (from data output screen)"
bubble. Enter "" in the left most box. Next enter "49999" into the box to the right of where you entered the IP address.


NOTE: If you have a firewall installed on your system you will have to allow FCC.exe access through the firewall.