====> Control Center REQUIRES FSX SimConnect (SP2) <====

EPICenter v.  MUST be installed first

Epicenter installation procedure:

Run EPICenter_1401_Full.exe--please install to "C:" drive. When it finishes the installation plug in EPIC USB and allow Windows to find and install its drivers (this may take a couple of minutes). You may have to point Windows to the "C:\EPIC\Driver\WDM" folder to install the Windows drivers if Windows does not find them on its own.

RESTART Windows to allow the Windows service to start so that the Epic USB hardware can communicate with Windows,

Now install Control Center 5.2.5-- To start installation run "setup.exe."

Control Center requires SimConnect to be installed [note: if you have Microsoft FSX on your system then SimConnect should already be installed.]

If you don't have FSX on your PC, or do not want it [i.e. X-Plane users], you will still need to install the SimConnect client software. SimConnect installer should start automatically (if the FCC installer determines that FSX/SimConnect is not on your computer) -- after SimConnect installs you will have to  re-start FCC "setup.exe" to complete the FCC installation.

FOR XPLANE VERSION 9.6+ (this version of Control Center is not recommended for use with previous versions of X-Plane):
Copy the plugin file (FCC5.xpl), located in the "XP_Plugin" folder on this CD, to the "C:\X-Plane 9\Resources\plugins" folder on your hard drive.


NOTE: If you have a firewall installed on your system you will have to allow FSX, X-Plane, and FCC.exe access through the firewall.